Rolling stock, trams
and underground vehicles

Newag S.A.

ul. Wyspiańskiego 3

33-300 Nowy Sącz 

tel. +48 18 449 63 60

fax +48 18 449 63 66

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General Information

As one of the oldest railway companies in Poland, NEWAG S.A. has multi-year experience in manufacture and modernisation of rolling stock as well as in manufacture of trams and underground trains. NEWAG S.A. has a stable and strong position on the market of the producers of locomotives in Poland. The Company is the first-choice partner for the following international concerns: GE, SiemensAG, Stadler AG and Bombardier.


  • 1876
  • 2001
  • 2003
  • 2008
  • 2009
  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015

Establishment of the Company

The company under the name Kró­lew­skie Warsz­taty Kolei (Royal Railway Workshops) – the present Newag – was established for the purposes of construction of Tarnów & Leluchów railway crossing Nowy Sącz.


The beginning of deep restructuring of ZNTK in Nowy Sącz.

Changes and a quality certificate

ZNTK becomes a private company and changes its name into NEWAG. ISO 9001:2001 quality assurance system is implemented in the Company. 

First vehicle and acquisition of the plants in Gliwice

The first vehicle – the Electric Multiple Unit – is manufactured from the scrap. NEWAG S.A. becomes the majority shareholder of Zakłady Elektryczne (Electric Plant) in Gliwice.

Change of the profile of the plant in Gliwice and the Dragon locomotive

The company: Gliwickie Zakłady Naprawcze Lokomotyw Elektrycznych (Gliwice Electric Locomotive Repair Plant) changes the profile of activity into manufacturing one. After 25 years the first six-axle electric locomotive of the Polish construction – Dragon – is manufactured. 

  • The Company signs the contract for delivery of diesel multiple units to Italy, thus commencing foreign expansion of the Company
  • The speed record of 211.6 km/h is broken
  • The first train for the Warsaw underground leaves the plant
  • The NEVELO tram has its premiere in Cracow
  • The first DRAGON locomotive is provided to LOTOS Kolej
  • NEWAG S.A. – awarded with the Forbes Diamond
  • The first Impuls trains ordered by Województwo Małopolskie (Lesser Poland Voivodeship) have entered the tracks
  • Warszawska Kolej Dojazdowa (Warsaw Commuter Railway) orders 6 new Electric Multiple Units at Newag

NEWAG S.A. manufactures the first train in Poland that is fully compliant with TSI – fulfilling the latest, most restrictive EU standards, commences manufacture of diesel multiple units for Etna Railways, the Impuls trains achieve the reliability index on the level of 99%, after a year of operation the Dragon traction vehicle reaches a global reliability index on the level of 99.6%, the Impuls traction vehicle beats another speed record of Poland: 226 km/h.


Manufacture and modernisation of diesel multiple units (about 100% of share in the domestic market in 2014), of electric traction vehicles – the first after 25 years Polish ‘Dragon’, the first Polish multi-system electric locomotive ‘Griffin’ and electric multiple units – the first Polish track vehicle that has exceeded the speed of 226 km/h and is fully compliant with TSI as well as manufacture of diesel multiple units and trams – the modern ‘Nevelo’.

Management of closed-end
investment funds


Over 40 years in the manufacture
of industrial valves

Industrial valves