ul. Brzeska 4

21-560 Międzyrzec Podlaski

tel.: 83 371 44 04,

fax: 83 371 37 87


General Information

Ipaco Sp. z o.o. has been rendering export services, mainly to the markets of the Western Europe, since 1983. We specialise in order-based manufacture of clothes for women and men. Our mission is to satisfy the needs of the most demanding business partners. The quality philosophy of Ipaco Sp. z o.o. is combination of the highly-qualified personnel with the modern plant.


The Company specialises in making elegant & classic clothes as well as urban & sports overcoats. We offer manufacture of specialised clothes for women and men made of wool, cotton, artificial and synthetic fabrics in the modern plant.

40 years 
on the construction market 

Construction, management and recreation

250 years
of tradition

Numismatics, investments & real estate