Film production
and distribution

New Century Arts S. A.

ul. Ciasna 6

00-232 Warszawa 

tel. +48 22 531 51 12

fax +48 22 531 51 41 

General Information

New Century Arts is a joint-stock company existing since 2006. It operates in the film industry, dealing with financing, production and distribution of films. It independently financed and produced the film entitled ‘Randka w Ciemno’ (Blind Date) (2009), which took the fourth place on the list of the most popular Polish cinema films in 2010. On the basis of ‘Randka w Ciemno’, New Century Arts has also commenced its activity on the film (currently non-cinema) distribution market in Poland.

Randka w ciemno

The oasis of peace 
in the old Żoliborz

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