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General Information

‘WARTICO INVEST’ Sp. z o.o. was established in 2002. The Company continues the property development actions taken by the MULTICO Capital Group, referring to the high quality standards and performance solidity, worked out during implementation of the earlier projects. 


  • 1998
  • 2005
  • 2015

Świderska Housing Estate – 1st stage

Commencement of the 1st stage of investment on Osiedle Świderska (Świderska Housing Estate) in Warsaw: 5 residential buildings of modern and functional architecture were constructed, within which 254 flats, 9 service establishments, 23 individual garages and 195 garage parking spaces were built. The construction was completed in 2003.

Świderska Housing Estate – 2nd stage

Construction of the 2nd stage of Osiedle Świderska (Świderska Housing Estate), during which a 6-floor building of symbol ‘H’ (41 flats, 28 utility rooms, 41 garage parking spaces), a 4.5-floor building of symbol ‘E’ (57 flats, 52 utility rooms, 4 service establishments, 9 garage parking spaces), a 6-floor building of symbol ‘F/G’ (121 flats, 43 utility rooms, a service establishment, 95 garage parking spaces and open-air parking spaces) were realised, lasted to 2008.

At the Park

On 2 September 2015, we commenced the construction of a residential building in Poznań at ul. Chłapowskiego 19. The name of the investment is: ‘Przy Parku’ (At the Park).

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